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November 5, 2013

Family and friends,

Sorry that I didnt let you all know that I wasnt going to write on monday this week. I didnt know but on transfer weeks we have pday on tuesday. Hence the email now! Anyway as I said this week was transfers. I am still in the same area of San Cristobal but my trainer got called to work in the mission offices. So now I have a new trainer. His name is Elder Kuettel and he is from Gilbert, Arizona. He has 19 months in his mission and his also our new district leader. He is a really good guy and I actually met him a few weeks ago and talked for a while. He is going to go to USU after his mission so he might stop by the house and say hi or something! Ill let you know when we get closer to that though. In all his time in the mission he has never served in the Capital of Buenos Aires and has always been out in the Provinces. So he is having to get accostomed to the whole gigantic city thing. So I guess for the first little while I kind of have to train my trainer haha. We will see how that goes, I am not too worried.

This last week was pretty good. Our numbers were horrible as far as lessons and stuff but we did get two of our investigators married!! That is a big problem that they have here is that people live and have kids together without getting married. We are working with them towards baptism as they have problems with alchohol. Their 8 year old son said a prayer the other day that left us all crying. He has such a strong testimony and he prayed so hard that in his own words his parents will stop drinking and listen to the missionaries of God that were sent to change the little familys life. He is an amazing amazing kid and maybe he can be the thing that finally pushes his parents to change and enter into the covenant of baptism. 

We have a few other investigators that are doing really well but we probably wont have a baptism this weekend. Next weekend we could have up to 6 baptisms though so we will see about that!!! That would be amazing and hopefully that will come to pass. Otherwise we are doing well here. We have 8 active investigators right now and so we will keep working with them all.

There really isnt a whole lot to talk about this week. It was good and I am excited to start working with my new trainer. We are going to have some good success this transfer here I can feel it. I have no idea if I will stay here as a junior companion the next transfer or move out, I really have no clue. We will see though that is 6 weeks away still. I am glad to have an American companion that understands how important it will be to celebrate thanksgiving in a few weeks haha. In fact all four elders in this ward are from the US so we will have a celebration together. I am pretty excited for that.

Halloween here in Argentina was pretty low key. There wasn't much that went on. It is pretty much just the rich people that do anything for it as it is a pretty american holiday. We have to be back in our pension by 9 anyway so I wasn't out when anybody would be going around for candy or anything.

The language is coming along slowly but well. I can pretty much say what I want in a lesson and stuff but conversationally it is a little rough. I can't really get whole sentences very well yet. I can pick out the meaning of everything though, which is good. I have a goal to be able to speak well without much of a problem by Christmas. We will see how that goes!

Welp that is about all that I have for this week. I left my camera in my pension so I can't put up the pictures of the wedding or anything. I will send them next week don't worry! They are pretty cute and also I have some other pictures that you all might like to see.

Also, Happy birthday to mom this past week and Adrian's coming up! I hope they are good ones! I love you all and I will talk to you next week on Monday! Thank you for everything and especially the love, support, and prayers! Keep the faith!

Elder Zollinger

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