Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mother's Day Eve! May 5

Hello all!

Well here we are on the 5th of May, which for me is already Mother´s Day Eve! That is because the next time I come back into communication with my family it will be by skype on Sunday! Whoo! I am really looking forward to seeing and talking with everyone and sharing experiences that I have been having lately. I will for sure be skyping on Sunday and should be making the call at about 11:30 in the morning Utah time so if anyone wants to talk, be in my house about that time! I should have about an hour to talk so it will be good. Those who want to talk need to be in my house though because last time I tried to call individual families and although it worked it took too much time and I had very few minutes to talk with everyone.
Well other than the upcoming semi-annual skype session all is going well here in the north mission. My companion and I are working hard and enjoying being together. He is a really good missionary and loves to work. It is so much easier when your companion is as motivated to work each and every day as you are for sure. Not saying that any of my other companions weren´t motivated, but this one is just really good with that! This week we really worked hard and taught a ton of lessons. In the end of the week we had ended up teaching 42 lessons with a member present, which by far was the best week of my mission with that. Basically we have really been trying to focusing on finding new people to teach who want to listen so we just took a member out with us and started trying to find opportunities to help others and teach them a bit. My area is actually a pretty easy area to find in, so we end up finding a ton and then just focusing on those who really want to progress. It is going well though and we should be having baptisms coming up in the next week or two. I am still working on my adjustment from junior companion to district leader, but all is going well there. I was able to go on companionship exchanges for a day with the zone leaders and I really did learn a ton from them. They are great missionaries and really know how to work as effectively as possible so I basically just went out with them and took as many notes as possible. 
 This week we will be focusing on having even more lessons and finding the people that the Lord and His Angels are preparing to accept His Gospel. It is truly an incredible experience to see someone listen to and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a lot of work though and every day we get back to the apartment exhausted. Sometimes it is really hard to not fall asleep, especially in and right after lunches haha. It is all good though and as we pray for the physical and spiritual energy to get through the day we are always able to do everything that we had planned to do. It is incredible to see the Hand of the Lord in this work each and every day as He guides us in what we do, say, and where we go.
Everything else is also going very well! This week we will have a mission conference in the offices in San Fernando. Elder Gonzalez of the 70, who is also the area president, will be coming and talking to us. We are all very excited to head up there and listen to what a general authority has in store for us! It is always a good experience to listen to and be taught by men such as him with all their Gospel knowledge and experience. We also were told this past week that we will be going to the temple again this month!!! We will be heading down for a session on the 26th, so in 3 weeks. We are all extremely excited for that opportunity!! Usually you only get to go to the temple once or twice in your entire mission, including the session that you do the last week of your time in the field, and since new years this will already be our second visit as a mission! I am really excited and hope that this is a new trend in the north mission. I receive so much spiritual strength from going to the House of the Lord. I will let you know how that goes in a few weeks!
Well that is really about all that I have for this week. I just want to testify that this work is true and that the Lord is at the head of it. I have seen many lives change in my few months in the mission as they accept the Savior´s love for them and live His Gospel. I am so grateful for all of you and for your prayers on my behalf. For those of you who are praying for me, if you could start adding my investigators and companion to your prayers that would be great! Thanks for all that you all do for me and I love you all. Have a great week and I will see some of you this Sunday on skype!

Love always,
Elder Zollinger

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