Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello All! December 9, 2013

Hello all!

Well this past week was a pretty slow yet good one! We have been having some difficulties finding new investigators this past week and so that basically means that we spent all week walking back and forth across our area visiting members and less actives almost begging for references and service opportunities. It has been good though and we were able to make some good relationships with some members and we have hope that the next weeks will bring success.

 We were also blessed to be able to marry two investigators this week and they should be getting baptized this Saturday. We will definitely be working hard this week to make sure that goes down and that they enter into that extremely important covenant with the Lord. I am very happy for them and their family is amazing. The husband is the son of a ward member here and I really feel like I am a part of their family. They are so great and it will be a sad day when I have to leave them. I will probably end up asking my Mission President to come back here my last transfer of my mission if it is at all possible because this is such a great ward and could not have asked for a better place to begin my mission. By the way transfers are this next week and so I will for sure not be writing until Tuesday. I will be finishing my training this week and usually when that happens you get transfered to a new area but we will see. Therefore this may well be my last week here in San Cristóbal but I guess that is just how the mission goes! Lots of change all the time!

It sounds as though everyone back home is doing well and just chilling out (quite literally haha). It has been very very warm here lately, mostly because of the humidity. It does not at all seem like it should be Christmas time at all but I guess that is what happens when you are in a different hemisphere of the world! It is bound to get warmer before it gets colder though so I should not be complaining right now! It is all good though and it will be intersting to have my seasons all changed around for a little while!

From Mom´s email it seems as though the whole fam is focusing more and more on giving this holiday season rather than receiving. That is great and I am very happy to see that happening! It is always fun to receive gifts and what not but if Christmas is about Christ then we should focus on giving ad not receiving because giving is all Christ ever did!!! Everything he ever did he did it for others, right down to his death and ressurection. It is truly great that we are blessed to have enough to give to other people. I just encourage everyone to get into that giving spirit because I can promise that as you give you always always always end up receiving more! Remember we can never give more to anyway than the Lord will give us back in blessings!

It is so weird to think that this time is the Holidays. I do miss being around to make pecan pies for Thanksgiving and the cookies for Christmas but it is just fine to miss it just two times! Even though I haven´t been home much since going to West Point I have always made it home for the holidays, so this is my first time away for them all! It is a Little weird and a tiny bit sad but as soon as you realize the reason behind WHY I am missing it then it all turns around to a very happy experience indeed. It would be selfish to say that Christmas is about giving and then be sad because I am here giving to others and serving the Lord rather than home. I´ll be back soon enough anway cause as we can tell with Dallan Grange the time really does fly!!!

As far as talking on Christmas I am nearly certain that we will talk on Christmas day. But because I could get transfered next week to a new área with a new companion I do not know all the details now. All I know is that you all need to make a skype account on the computer you want to use to make the call. It should be pretty simple just google it and I will let you know next week when I know where I will be for Christmas!

I am so very blessed to have everybody in my life who reads this and I pray for everyone every day! The Lord truly has blessed us all with everything we have and we always need to remember that there are many many many people in the world who dont have us much as we do! I will keep an eye out for my packages cause we will be going to the offices this week for training, so if they are there I will pick them up. Oh yeah and I am looking forward to hearing the stories about the belgian cookies we make each Christmas, there always seems to be a story of something going wrong with those haha. My guess is that this year Avery will burn himself or something hahaha. Anyways it is great to hear from everyone and I love you all. Always remember how blessed we are and I look forward to talking with the fam here in a couple weeks! Keep the faith and fight the good fight! I love you all!!
Elder Zollinger

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