Saturday, March 1, 2014

Keep Calm and Preach on February 24, 2014

Hello friends and fam,

Hello all! I hope that all is going well back home and I am glad to hear that Mom and Dad enjoyed their trip and made it back home safe. This past week was great and we were able to have the confirmations of the baptisms we had last week. We kind of hit a lull this week as we kind of baptized all our active investigators... but it was all good because we were able to go out and find more people to teach! 
We found a girl this week whose name is Maria. She rode by on her bike and both Elder Molina and I had the impression that we needed to talk to her. We stopped her and talked a few minutes and she invited us to her house to speak more. We went over and after teaching her for a little while she told us that we were late. We asked her late to what and she said that she has been praying that the Lord would put people in her path that would help her have the true Gospel of Christ in her life and that she has been waiting a long time for us. It was incredible to hear her say that and she came to church yesterday and loved it. She has a baptismal date for two more weeks and she also has a huge family so we will start talking and teaching all of them this week too and see what happens! It is incredible to see the hand of the Lord in this work and I have no doubts that he guides us and helps us to know where to go and with whom to talk as we do all that we can do to find those people that are prepared to accept the Gospel. It is interesting how missionary work has changed the past few years. We don´t do any tracting nor many random street contacts like what so common in the past. The vision now is that we always have a member with us and we ask for referrals from every single person we teach, as well as follow the Spirit, as we did with Maria!
Well other than being led by the Spirit in the work of the Lord nothing else really new has happened this week. Just teaching, preaching, baptizing, confirming, and loving every minute of it! We have had some good times these past few weeks between myself, my comp, and the other two elders that we live with. This transfer has been the best one by far and we still have two more weeks left to get some more success in. We are always joking around in our apartment and having a good time. This past week we borrowed a maniquen (no idea how to spell that) head from a member and made it look like someone was sleeping in the bed of Elder Gallup (one of the other Elders I live with). When they came back to the apartment he about died when he walked into the room haha. He just kept saying "I don´t like this!" and pointing at his bed. We got it on camera so it will be a good memory from this transfer hahaha.
Well the weather has started to cool down more too. I heard that things are finally warming up back home which is great. I guess in the next few months we will have to change seasons once again. I am actually really happy cause I hate heat and humidity! Our apartment has air conditioning though so these past few weeks have been much more bearable for that!
Between this transfer and the next we are going to be losing a ton of missionaries. By the next few months the number of missionaries in the mission will be going from 286 to about 250, where we are expected to stay for the foreseeable future. My trainer who did my second half of my training also goes home this next transfer so I will have to go to the mission offices for the farewell and say bye to him in a few weeks. Also I am pretty sure that my next friend to get back will be Donavan Gualtier. I think he should be getting back in a month or so but I am not sure I will have to email him and see. It is nuts to think that all those guys are getting back but my time in the mission is flying by too so I guess it won´t be that much longer till it is my turn. 
I was talking to a member this week and he asked how long I have been in the mission. I told him 6 months and he was all like "oh so you aren´t that new anymore." I was all like no I am still very new haha. But I guess he is right cause a fourth of this experience of a lifetime is already gone... I still feel like I just left the MTC haha. I guess I still have plenty of time left but it is crazy to see it fly by. What is even more crazy is that everyone says it only gets faster!
Anyway I hope that all is well for you all back home and that you all are enjoying whatever it is that you are doing. As always I just would like to testify that this truly is the true church of Christ. Sometimes when we are members for a long time we forget how big of a blessing it is to have the true Gospel of Christ in our lives and we forget how blessed we truly are and sometimes the Lord has to help us remember what it is to be humble. I just hope that everyone can always remember what it means to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and will always pray to our Father in good times and bad. One thing that I have learned lately is that God truly is our Father, as literally as our Earthly Fathers are our fathers. He loves us as a Father and only wants the best for us, and he is always willing and ready to bless us, but most of the time whether or not we receive those blessings rests on our own actions and worthiness. I hope and pray that everyone will always be worthy and ready to receive whatever blessings or work that the Lord is ready to give us. I love this work and my mission and I am so blessed to have such great family and friends in my life. Thank you all for all that you do and I hope you all have a great week!

Love always,
Elder Zollinger

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