Monday, March 31, 2014

One Week More! (March 24)

Hello all!

Well here we are at the end (or beginning I am not sure) of another week on the mission here in beautiful Buenos Aires Argentina. As always we had another great week here working in the Lord´s vineyard. This mission has been awesome so far and it is crazy to think that it is just continuing to slip away faster and faster. I have also found that on the mission the range of how you are only goes between good and perfect, but never below that haha. I can really say that even the worst days on the mission thus far have been good days. Even though the mission is exhausting in almost every sense I can really say that I would not give it up for the world. I love working and serving and doing what I do every single day!
Anyway on to the update of what happened this past week! Basically the most exciting thing that happened is that the assistants called and told us to go contact the referral that we received from Elder Ballard when he was here. The thing is he works in the multibillion dollar Sheraton Hotel here in downtown Buenos Aires haha. So basically myself and my comp just walked right in with our muddy shoes and bags and all and asked where the most expensive restaurant in the building was (were he works). To our surprise we were able to go right there and there he was! We talked to him for a few minutes and to our surprise and sadness he told us that he was not interested and not looking for a religion. As mean as that sounds he was actually very nice about it and all we could do was encourage him to take some time to read the Book of Mormon that Elder Ballard has given him and signed. I have faith that the seed has been planted in his heart though and that someday in a desperate situation he will find that Book with the signature of an Apostle of the Lord and it will find place in his soul. Elder Ballard told us that he had a real potential in this church but we know that the purposes of the Lord are eternal so even if he never accepts it in this life, there may be a work yet for him to do in the next.
Really though other than that not much else that exciting happened this week. We are still just working, finding, and teaching. We have a baptism of one of the cousins of Maria (who was baptized three weeks ago) coming up this Saturday which is great! So we will be working hard with him this week to make sure that he is prepared for that. We are also working with other brothers and cousins in the family and we should be having their baptisms spread throughout the coming weeks. Overall I would say that the outlook is good this transfer for much success!!! :)
The weather has really started to cool off here lately. It is funny because at the same time the weather back home started warming up the weather here took a plunge in temp. I guess the earth decided it was time for a change and took a jump forward haha. It is still very comfortable here though and I still do not have to wear long sleeves or anything. Although my comp from the northern desserts of Chile is almost frozen some nights haha. It is all good though and I am actually enjoying a little bit cooler weather since I went from summer training at West Point to the MTC and right as the weather started to cool off I came here where of course it was starting to warm up! So basically I am looking forward to not sweating all the time haha.
Well really there isn´t a whole lot else going on here. We are having fun for sure and absolutely loving the work. I am still in the pension with 4 elders so it is usually a really good time in there. We like to joke around and play pranks on each other (of course always within the rules)! It is a lot of fun though and it is incredible to see how fast time goes when you are enjoying yourself with friends like this. I didn´t even realize that this was the last week in March until a few minutes ago when I sent my weekly letter to the mission president. Haha I thought that we were still just getting started!
Anyway I just want to let you all know that I still and will always know and testify that this church is true and that we really are in the service of the Lord. It is incredible to see the changes that come in the lives of those who accept the Gospel. It affects our life in every single way possible. As it says in the scriptures if we build our lives upon the rock of Christ our redeemer we will never fall. There will always be difficulties, temptations, problems, and challenges in our lives but we just have to know that without those things there would be no purpose to our being here. I promise that no matter what we will always be able to overcome anything in our lives when we build all of our actions, thoughts, and intents on the will of God and His Son Jesus Christ. They will never ever lead us astray and only ever want what is best for us in this life and the eternities. Although sometimes it may be hard I can promise that it will always be worth it. I have learned so much here in my mission thus far and am so excited to see what other lessons my Father has in store for me as I continue on in His service. I am so grateful for all of you guys, my family and my friends, who are always there for me. Thank you all for all that you do and all I can say is to just keep on keeping on. Keep the commandments and keep on praying, reading the scriptures, and serving others. Thank you again for all that you do and have a great week!!!!

Love always,
Elder Zollinger

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